Siobhan Robinson

Marketing Manager

So, who are you and what do you do?  


Hey, I’m Siobhan. I’m Marketing Manager for Isobar and I’m based out of our London office. Isobar is full of talented creative and digital-minded individuals who excel at helping companies vastly improve their customers digital experiences.


My primary focus is the planning and execution of our marketing strategy to support our ambitious growth plans and includes delivery of thought leadership, communications, and events that drive the visibility of our brand externally. In a nutshell, my job is to make sure the world knows about Isobar, its talented people and the incredible work we do for clients…and as you’re reading this it means I’m doing something right :)




Tell us a bit about your background 


Sure, I’ve worked in marketing for 20+ years. My love for marketing and communications started as a teenager working in my parents video shop where I was fascinated by how rentals - and cash in the till at the end of the week - were so hugely affected by marketing.


I studied Business and Marketing at Leeds Met University, working first for the CRM part of Next, then for Oracle in Australia and returned back to the UK to work for various tech companies like SAP.


I stepped away from corporate life when I had children and was privileged to work for Matthew Hussey, empowering women and changing lives. When our youngest started school, I rejoined the corporate world and have been at Isobar for over 2 years.


Some standout moments are running a huge event at the O2, renaming and rebranding a company in 3 days, and speaking in front of 900 women in New York. I’ve worked for American, German, Danish, and Australian companies so nothing much throws me.


I’ve always loved marketing, the ability to connect with people and tell your story, plus the transformative power that doing that well for brands fascinates me. My job has always involved travel and I’m so grateful for the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had.




What does your normal working day look like? 


I love my job, no two days are the same and marketing continues to evolve and advance at a ridiculous pace so I'm constantly learning. Every day is different because my role is extremely varied. This morning, my day began with a meeting with counterparts from other dentsu agencies about a heavy-weight, Retail thought leadership report we’re writing and looking to launch in the UK in a months’ time. Then a quick review of some changes we’ve made to the website, followed by a meeting about some awards we’re entering this month.


Then after lunch I have some clear space to plan Isobar’s digital transformation series which is a succession of articles and webinars about some of the hottest topics in the industry, showcasing some of the excellent work our teams do.


After that I’ll join our bi-weekly new business meeting with about 30 other sales and marketing professionals to ensure we’re connecting the dots across the network to drive growth, benefiting not just Isobar, but our sister agencies and our clients too.


Next, I’ll review our latest socials metrics with the team and need to squeeze in writing a brief for a new advertising campaign we want to run. Pre Covid I’d spend lots of times at events networking and promoting Isobar and I’m really looking forward to getting back to face-to-face events and meetings.





What skills and expertise do you need to be good at your role? 


That’s a good question. Firstly, having a curious mind. Curiosity drives the constant learning and active listening needed for success. It helps you understand what your customers need from you, and helps you find new creative ways of doing things that help you get ahead and stay ahead.  


Secondly, you have to be a great communicator in order to collaborate with others, lead change and inspire a team, especially when working across multiple offices. You need to find stories – sometimes joining dots together - articulate them, then shout about them externally.


Finally, being results-driven is vital. You must know how to challenge yourself and your teams to deliver results. You be commercially savvy with deep understanding of your services, work and talented people and always looking out for opportunities to contribute to the success of your team.




What’s your favourite thing about your job? 


There’s so many! I love the variety, I love that I’m empowered to get involved in whatever I choose, and I’ve seriously never worked for a company where every single damn person is so lovely and happy to help. I must have met close to 1,000 people that work for this company in the last two years and I’ve not met anyone I didn’t like, and its set Isobar apart from other companies I’ve worked for.And I have to mention dentsu’s kick-ass CEO Wendy Clark, she’s super inspirationalandabsolutely killing her new role.



I’m surrounded by incredible talent every day – from rising creative talent to people who are at the cutting edge of innovation and bringing that into client companies. Some of the work we create is so mind-blowingly beautiful, the team were showing some work they’ve created for Visit Scotland the other day and I had goosebumps and tears by the end of it.


Then on a personal level, something that always gets me excited is numbers increasing. Whether it’s downloads, attendees, revenues, client happiness ratings, moving the dial upwards on numbers keeps me really motivated! So overall, I think it’s the combination of awesome people who are incredible at what they do, and who are really lovely too.  





Do you have any advice for someone starting out in their career?  


A ‘can do’ attitude matters much more than your experience so say yes to as much as you can. The world doesn't reward perfection, it rewards productivity, so don’t let perfect get in the way of getting stuff done.


Make it a habit to say hello to everyone – I got my first job by talking to people when the train we were on broke down. Take risks, have fun, work hard and be nice to people.