Beauty Consultation


We created a personalised service that recommends products in 60 seconds.


Delivering skincare advice

To engage a new, younger audience, Clarins needed an idea that would help deliver skincare advice. How could we use creativity to inform and excite this audience, driving conversion and lifetime customer value in the process.

The solution had to be mobile-first, and applicable across all global markets. It also had to showcase the Clarins brand DNA and stand out from the competition.


Innovation sprints

The new service was developed through a series of innovation sprints with the Clarins brand, e-commerce and CRM teams with feedback gathered from real users. 

‘My Beauty Consultation’ provides audiences with skincare routine recommendations according to their needs and lifestyle. Their skin profile is determined through a series of questions. Users can filter products based on whether they want essentials or a full routine.


46% of users more likely to add products to their baskets

We created a personalised service that recommends products based on the user’s skincare needs and lifestyle in 60 seconds.

Initial tests showed 46% of users are were likely to add a product to their basket compared to people who did not visit the Beauty Consultation tool, plus there was a 50% decrease in people leaving the website, after reaching the tool.

Launch My Beauty Consultation