JW Hologram


We scaled whiskey mentoring through a mobile holographic channel for Diageo.


Scaling mentoring through technology

While Johnnie Walker is famed for it's exclusive mentoring events, whiskey lovers needed an easier and more accessible way to access whiskey knowledge.

We set out to deliver the same premium experience and branded storytelling that is expected of JW while reducing cost and achieving scale with a smart use of technology.


Turning every mobile device into a holographic screen

Our idea was to use innovation to entertain and educate whiskey lovers.  We worked with a plastic manufacturer in the US to create a specially coated film that was to be given out with every bottle of Johnnie Walker purchased. Following some easy instructions, whiskey fans could fold the film into a holographic pyramid and access holographic mentoring content directly from online channels.

The stunning content and unusual pyramid form factor became a unique way to experience JW's branded stories. Viewable from four different angles simultaneously, the experience worked especially well in social drinking scenarios delivering further reach for JW's content.