Online Stories

JW Marriott

Inspired by classic adventure novels, we created online stories to elevate JW Marriott’s dining experiences.


Increasing revenue

To promote JW Marriott’s impressive fine dining options and increase their food and beverage revenue, we knew we needed to create a never before seen method of luring food lovers to JW Marriott properties. 


A receptive new design

Inspired by fond children’s stories, we created a website with an innovative story-like visual feast to drive desire for the mesmerising food experiences. We put extra attention on bringing two unique menus to life and beyond the plate.


With a seamless website, we brought inspiring tales, ancient recipes and classic flavours together to whet the appetites of fans through imagery. Users could journey along an interactive spice trail to learn about these unique menus through stories and photos that would entice them to book a dining experience at every step. Tastefully enhanced by visuals, our design ensured a better user experience across multiple devices, welcoming fans to embark on an expedition with us no matter where they were.


We achieved over 90,000 unique visitors across Asia-Pacific with an average of 7+ minutes on site.